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Dental Insurance

Having the proper health insurance plan coverage can literally be a matter of life or death. Dental insurance offers you coverage for common dental care issues and to help you budget for dental services at all levels, preventive, basic and major care.

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What is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance is designed to pay a portion of the costs associated with dental care. Generally dental offices have a fee schedule, or a list of prices for the dental services or procedures they offer.

Typical Types of Dental Insurance

Indemnity Dental Insurance Plan:

This plan may be helpful when you want to stay with your dentist and he/she does not participate in a dental network. By the very nature of this plan the insurance company generally pays the dentist a percentage of your services according to the policy you purchased. In addition you will want to review the co-payment requirements, waiting periods, stated deductible, annual limitations, graduated percentage scales based on the type of procedure and/or length of time you have owned the policy prior to starting your dental work.

Dental Health Managed Organization (DHMO):

When a dentist signs a contract with a dental insurance company that provider agrees to accept an insurance fee schedule and give their customers a reduced cost for services as an In-Network Provider. Many DHMO insurance plans have little or no waiting periods, no annual maximum benefit limitations, while covering major dental work near the start of the policy period. This plan is sometimes purchased to help defray the high cost of the dental procedures. Some dental insurance plans offer free semi-annual preventative treatment. Fillings, crowns, implants and dentures may have various limitations.

Participating Provider Network (PPO): 

Depending on your specific plan, the PPO works similar to a DHMO while using an In-Network facility. However, it allows you to use an Out-of-Network or Non-Participating Provider. Any difference of fees will become the financial responsibility of the patient unless otherwise specified in your dental policy. As noted, some dental insurance plans may have an annual maximum benefit limit. Thus, once the annual maximum benefit is exhausted any additional treatments may become the patient’s responsibility. Each year that annual maximum is reissued. The reissued date may vary as a calendar year, company fiscal year, or date of enrollment based on your specific plan

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Why is working with an Approved Partner License Agent a better way to get my quote?

Here's an great example why! If you are looking for a health insurance plan, when the Affordable Care Act (ACA) became law, a limited number of providers were made available in each state. If you search online yourself, you could stumble upon one of those other websites mentioned above, then you will get bombarded with dozens of calls, texts and emails! Working with your own Personal Agent, they will know what plans are available in your state for both the ACA plans and also private plans. So working with ONE agent that knows all your options will cut down on your time spent being frustrated by a negative online search experience.

Does my premium increase working with a Personal Agent?

The price you pay for your insurance plan remains the same whether you get help from one of our agents or not. That’s because health insurance rates are fixed by law. So, the question is: why not work with an expert to get the right plan?

Why can't I get a real time quote on your site?

There are a thousand different places where you can get a “live” health insurance quote online. Most of these sites will sell your information to multiple agencies, that is their business model. However, we realize that we will never be able to compete with a website like healthcare.gov in offering a seamless online transaction for health insurance. Some would say that healthcare.gov doesn’t even have that process down … but we digress!

What those other websites can’t offer, however, is the ability to talk with a licensed agent about your specific health care needs and then speak with that same agent when you have questions or problems with the plan that you purchased. Our focus is not just on the providing you a quote, but on making sure you have the best long-term experience possible with your insurance plan.

What happens to my information after I press the Submit button?

We take your privacy very seriously. The information you submit to us on this website is encrypted with a secure 256-bit SSL encryption and is sent directly to one of our Approved Partner Licensed Agents. Unlike many of the “Free Quote” websites online who’s policy is to distribute your paid for information is sold to at least eight agents and agencies. We will NEVER sell or share your information with anyone. To learn more, visit our Privacy Policy.

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