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About Us

Hello, I am Deryck Richardson. I have been on both sides of the lead generation fence for many years. A call center veteran, in 2008 I started working at a lead generation business where I was a sales manager for the fastest growing company in Ohio, insuranceagents.com. In 2012, I moved to an upper management position at Precise Leads. This broadened my expertise in sales management and lead generation.

My partner and Co-Founder, CFO, Joshua Harris was a Heisman candidate quarterback, at Bowling Green State University, and spent several years in the NFL. Both Joshua and myself are licensed agents and have many years of experience in the insurance industry.

In January 2016 Joshua and I, one-time rivals on the football field, decided to partner up and open a small business. The focus was not lead generation however, it was insurance. We opened a Final Expense Call Center (www.gofreedomdirect.com) in Columbus, Ohio and quickly began to grow the agency.

Having been around lead generation for the previous decade and understanding the leads generation industry intimately, I decided that the invasive and archaic method of obtaing insurance quotes from a consumer standpoint has to change.

Many if not all of our competitors in the lead generation industry use the same business model. Monetizing the captured data from their various lead capture websites and selling that data (your contact information) to multiple insurance agents (a minimum of eight for most insurance quote websites) which results in the consumer being bombarded with literally hundreds of phone calls, text messages and emails the moment you press the “SUBMIT BUTTON” on one of their websites. This consumer experience is intrusive, annoying and archaic, so we decided to change the way consumers obtain insurance quotes.

Under our parent company The Richardson Group, Joshua and I decided to launch a new business model which eliminates the intrusion on the consumer when seeking an insurance quote online. We’ve created an affiliate network program connecting our nationwide network of “Affiliate Partner Licensed Agents” through a series of websites like this one, with individual consumers seeking insurance quotes. This personal concierge service approach provides consumers with a ONE to ONE engagement with their own Personal Agent who is a knowledgeable expert in the type of insurance the consumer is seeking in their home state.

Through websites like this one, the consumer is provided a variety of methods to obtain a quote. We call it Click, Call, Connect. Let’s face it, in todays online world, some consumers just want a quote online and do not want to speak to anyone to get it. So for these visitors they can “Click” the “Online Quote” button, fill in the “Profile” form and hit submit. The visitors information is sent securely to an “Affiliate Partner Licensed Agents” where that agent will review the consumers profile, obtain several competitive quotes and email them to the consumer. Most of our website visitors now believe it is better to have a knowledgeable licensed agent help them get the insurance plans they need rather than fumbling around the internet potentially landing on the dreaded “Lead Capture” website mills of our competitors.

Other visitors to our websites take advantage of the “Live Agent Quote” feature and call the toll-free number to be connected directly to an “Affiliate Partner Licensed Agent” where they can inform their Personal Agent what their insurance needs are. Whether it be health insurance, life insurance or supplemental insurance like accident, critical illness, dental and vision the consumers insurance needs are fulfilled quickly and professionally by their highly knowledgeable Personal Agent.

The third and the most popular method of working with an Affiliate Partner Licensed Agent is the “Connect” approach. Visitors can fill out the short form on any of  the pages on the website and their Personal Agent will contact them immediately to discuss their insurance needs, go online together in an online meeting and show the consumer all their insurance options with their own eyes. Once the consumer and their Personal Agent discuss the options and find the best insurance plan, their Personal Agent can submit an application online right then and there. The fastest and most efficient use of the consumers time is connecting with an Approved Partner Licensed Agent online.

Welcome to the best, most efficient way to get an insurance quote online! If you like our story and you like your experience using this website, tell your friends, tell your associates, tell everyone you know who is seeking any health related insurance quote, there is a better way to get a health insurance quote and The Richardson Group has it!

Thank you for visitting our website and thank you for spreading the word about the new age of obtaining health insurance quotes!​

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